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My name is Jodie Foster, and I have a private counseling practice in Westminster, MD. Counseling is an invaluable experience no matter what your current situation is and no matter where you are in your life story. We all go through times when we need assistance and/or a helping hand. My goal is to provide a welcoming, compassionate, comfortable and safe place for individuals and families to receive help. The following questions may be helpful in determining if you, your child, and/or your family is currently in need of counseling.

Do you feel like you or your child can’t enjoy life like you used to?

Are you or your family going through a transition or life change?

Have you or your child/family experienced a loss?

Do you or your child feel isolated or lonely?

Do you or your child worry a lot?

Do you feel or does your child seem sad or angry?

Do you wish that your children would listen better?

Are there conflicts in your home?

Is your child getting poor grades at school?

Does your child get in trouble a lot at school, daycare, and/or home?

Does your child have a hard time getting along with peers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would highly recommend counseling. In my practice I primarily see children, teenagers, young adults, parents, and families.

My goal is to provide hope in situations that otherwise seem hopeless. I believe that no situation or circumstance, no matter how difficult, needs to be wasted. I enjoy helping people live a joy-filled life regardless of their external situations. I highly value helping people find the good in and redeeming every situation no matter how challenging, hopeless, or difficult it might seem. Every family and every individual is unique. There is no cookie cutter method or strategy of helping that works with every person or every family. I like to tailor my treatment methods to the specific needs of each family or individual. I love to help families and individuals identify their strengths as well as their areas of weakness and assist them in maximizing their strengths and improving upon or minimizing their areas of weakness.

Please feel free to check out the pictures of my therapy office pictured below. I have put great effort into creating a comfortable and relaxing place for children, teenagers, adults, and families. In working with children, I utilize a variety of approaches and have a large selection of play and therapy tools to help children feel comfortable and to help them work through their concerns or difficulties in ways that are compatible with their specific personalities.

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